About Me

I am a computer science PhD student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My interests lie within computational social science; more specifically, I measure the structural factors that drive a lack of diversity in science and highlight their consequences. I am a member of Aaron Clauset's research group. My research has been published in EPJ Data Science and PNAS, and covered by outlets such as the Washington Post and Scientific American. Prior to graduate school, I studied physics at Reed College. When I'm not at work, I like riding my bike and trying new recipes. My preferred pronouns are she/her.


JULY 2020 I was invited to present a lightning talk at the Graphs & Networks workshop hosted by Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group at Tufts.

APR 2020 I'm really proud to be a part of this massive collaboration just out in PNAS! Also, I passed my dissertation proposal to become a PhD candidate. I'll be presenting our work on the impact of parenthood on tenure-track faculty this summer at IC2S2.

DEC 2019 After participating in many cookie competions, I won "most creative" in my building's holiday bake-off!

OCT 2019 I'm helping to organize a local meetup for the Society of Young Network Scientists (SYNS). Join us!

AUG 2019 Spent the summer at the New York Times. I'll be in Melbourne, AUS to talk at an epistemology workshop in early September (slides), and Atlanta, GA for a conference on science and innovation policy in October.

MAY 2019 I picked up my Master of Science in Computer Science this semester And our paper was published in PNAS!

FEB 2019 I'll be presenting new work analyzing retention, promotion, and attrition in academia using digital trace data at NetSci 2019 in May. I was invited to discuss work with Dan Larremore, Samuel Way, and Aaron Clauset on prestige with the Society of Young Network Scientists.

JAN 2019 I accepted an offer from the NYT to be an intern on their Data & Insights Group this summer! Also, a short description of our paper was featured in Scientific American. McKenzie Weller won CU Boulder's Center for Research Data & Digital Scholarship Data Visualization Contest! The visualization was inspired by our recent research.

OCT 2018 Our paper was published in EPJ Data Science! We did an short interview about the piece on the Washington Post's Monkey Cage. I'll be presenting some preliminary results from a survey of CS faculty at the Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing next month. (Update: I received an Honorable Mention Award for Best Presentation! )

SEP 2018 Dan Larremore and I were interviewed for a story in The Daily Progress about our parental leave project.

AUG 2018 We wrapped up CU Boulder's SICSS. Here are our teaching materials, and (soon) our review of how it went. Our paper ("Automatically assembling a full census of an academic field") was published in PLOS One.

JULY 2018 Slides for my talks at IC2S2 can be found here and here.

MAY 2018 I'm co-organizing a satellite of the Summer Institute for Computational Social Science (SICSS) in Boulder this August. I successfully defended my preliminary exam and finished my second year of grad school!

APR 2018 I was awarded the National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship!

MAR 2018 Aaron Clauset presented our work at CompleNet 2018. Our paper was accepted as a talk for the workshop on Demographic Research in the Digital Age (part of PAA) this April. I will be presenting our research at IC2S2 this July. I will be attending the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School this June.

FEB 2018 This semester I am taking a software engineering class. My weekly essays can be found here.

DEC 2017 I organized a cookie competition on campus. Unfortunately, I did not win any of the prizes. But I did learn how to make these cool plots!

NOV 2017 We contributed a letter to the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education called "More Inclusive Scholarship Begins With Active Experimentation".

OCT 2017 Our paper was published in PNAS! (ArXiv version)

AUG 2017 Started year two!

JUN 2017 Slides from my talk at NetSci, "Ideas worth spreading: How does network position influence the spread of research topics?" can be found here.

MAY 2017 I finished my first year of grad school!

MAR 2017 Our abstract, "Modeling the Spread of Research Areas in the Computer Science Faculty Hiring Network" was accepted as a talk at NetSci. I will be attending the Russell Sage Foundation's "Summer Institute in Computational Social Science" hosted at Princeton.

FEB 2017 Sam Way will be presenting our paper, "The misleading narrative of the canonical faculty productivity trajectory" at ICWSM.