About Me

I am a computer science graduate student at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My interests lie within computational social science; more specifically, I study how gender, institutional prestige, and other factors affect faculty career outcomes. I am a member of Aaron Clauset's research group. Previously, I was employed for two years as a data scientist at Lytics in Portland, OR. Before that I studied physics at Reed College and was advised by Joel Franklin. I'm proud to be a woman in STEM. At Reed, I co-founded a group called "STEMfemmes". When I'm not at work, I like riding my Jamis bike and trying new recipes.


DEC 2017 I organized a cookie competition on campus. Unfortunately, I did not win any of the prizes. But I did learn how to make these cool plots!

NOV 2017 We contributed a letter to the editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education called "More Inclusive Scholarship Begins With Active Experimentation".

OCT 2017 Our paper was published in PNAS! (ArXiv version)

AUG 2017 Started year two!

JUN 2017 Slides from my talk at NetSci, "Ideas worth spreading: How does network position influence the spread of research topics?" can be found here.

MAY 2017 I finished my first year of grad school!

MAR 2017 Our abstract, "Modeling the Spread of Research Areas in the Computer Science Faculty Hiring Network" was accepted as a talk at NetSci. I will be attending the Russell Sage Foundation's "Summer Institute in Computational Social Science" hosted at Princeton.

FEB 2017 Sam Way will be presenting our paper, "The misleading narrative of the canonical faculty productivity trajectory" at ICWSM.