Humans-in-the-Loop: Incorporating Expert and Crowdsourced Knowledge for Predictions using Survey Data (In Preparation)
Anna Filippova, Connor Gilroy, Ridhi Kashyap, Antje Kirchner, Allison Morgan, Kivan Polimis, Adaner Usmani, Tong Wang

Prestige Drives Epistemic Inequality in the Diffusion of Scientific Ideas (In Preparation)
Allison C. Morgan, Dimitrios Economou, Samuel F. Way, and Aaron Clauset.

Automatically Assembling a Full Census of an Academic Field (In Preparation)
Allison C. Morgan, Samuel F. Way, and Aaron Clauset.

The Misleading Narrative of the Canonical Faculty Productivity Trajectory
Samuel F. Way, Allison C. Morgan, Aaron Clauset, and Daniel B. Larremore.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (44) E9216-E9223, 2017.

The Schrodinger-Newton System with Self-field Coupling
Joel Franklin, Youdan Guo, Andrew McNutt, and Allison Morgan.
Classical Quantum Gravity, 35 065010, 2015.

Relativistic Strings and Ehrenfest’s Paradox
Allison Morgan (advised by Joel Franklin)
Undergraduate thesis. Reed College, 2014.